Applications of selective breeding, three dimensional printing, and modelling technology in coral reef restoration and resilience

F. Medioli Fitzgerald \ Oceans First, Issue 5, 2018, pgs. 23-30. Download PDF


The world’s coral reefs support life for over a quarter of all marine species but their existence is in danger due to the effects of global warming which are acidifying and warming the oceans at an alarming rate. If nothing is done, it is predicted that almost all corals will be bleached or destroyed by 2100. The goal of this paper is to assess whether the current coral reef restoration method of Coral Gardening can be combined with new resilience enhancing methods of Assisted Breeding, three-dimensional printing, and three-dimensional modelling technologies in technological symbiosis to create an improved method of restoration that improves the efficiency of coral growth and increases survival rates of corals. Research identifies the flaws with the current methods of restoration and resilience and suggests that the weakness of each method could be improved by the strengths of the other methods. Combining the three methods of coral restoration and resilience will create an updated restoration process that could restore coral reefs faster than the warming planet.