A taxonomical comparison of riverine and lacustrine Lamprologus and shell dwelling Neolamprologus species, with consideration of morphological and phylogenetic classifications

D. Schenck \ Oceans First, Issue 1, 2014, pgs. 37-43.

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Lamprologini is a tribe of cichlid fish that inhabit Southern Africa. The current taxonomy of the tribe has been called into question by recent phylogenetic studies. Specifically, the classification of Lamprologus, a genus which contains both lacustrine and riverine species, has been shown to be inadequate. In order to represent current research and a more realistic portrayal of evolutionary history the splitting of the current genus, separating the riverine species, is suggested. In addition, the inclusion of select shell dwelling Neolamprologus species into a group with lacustrine Lamprologus species is argued for. This is to better represent current molecular data.